A simple GUI random number generator written in Python.
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tRandom v0.4.2

tRandom is a simple, cross-platform, psuedo-random number generator for games and draws. Written in Python using tkinter.


Distrubuted under the GPLv3 license.


I created tRandom while a Python beginner, I was attempting to gain experience and create my first GUI application. Here it is to share for all.


A deb package is available for v0.4.1 with two minor know issues. This has only been tested on Ubuntu 18.04, but being a 100% Python application with only included packages imported, it should run happily all over the place.

To install elsewhere, the tRandom.py and icon.png files should be kept in the same folder, as long as you have the dependencies listed below installed, you will be able to launch the tRandom.py file directly. On Windows devices you may want to rename the py file to tRandom.pyw which will launch the program without a console window opening.


If installing using the deb package all dependencies should be taken care of.

  • python3 (Tested on 3.8)
  • python3-tk

Known Issues

  • When installing with the DEB, the package will show in the Lost & Found category in your app launcher (At least on KDE Plasma).


If you do fancy contributing then please do feel free to do so, if you like, you can also add your name below.


Fred Boniface